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Make smarter decisions, work more efficiently, and create even more positive change in the world.

Every organisation has data, from spreadsheets of facts and figures through to complex Power BI dashboards. We can help you answer the question what does this really mean? And what do I do with it? 

Our team of data experts can help you make sense of those numbers, provide insights into what is working and what's not, pull together complex data and translate it into the actionable.

Our data analytics and insights consulting services help organisations leverage the power of data to make informed decisions and drive tangible results. We believe that data analytics is not just about numbers – it's about deriving actionable insights from data, which guide strategic decisions that contribute to
the wellbeing of the people of Aotearoa.

But it all begins with a simple conversation – a friendly chat about the numbers that matter most to you. No obligation, just a chance to connect and see how we can empower your data journey. So why wait? Let's start the conversation today!

Our services

  • Data Analytics
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Engineering

Uncovering Hidden Treasures in Your Data with Tūtohi

Ever wondered how data can be a game-changer? It's not just about numbers; it's about the magic of turning data into actionable insights. That's where data analytics comes into play – it's like the Sherlock Holmes of the digital world, using computer skills, math, statistics, and predictive models to uncover hidden treasures.

At Tūtohi, we're your data detectives, here to help organisations harness the power of data to make informed decisions that lead to real-world impact. Our data analytics and insights consulting services go beyond the numbers; we focus on discovering insights that guide strategic decisions, all with the ultimate goal of contributing to the wellbeing of the tāngata of Aotearoa. Let's dive into the world of data mysteries together! 

Our service components include: 

  • Data exploration and collection – we review and refine your data collection processes across all sources, ensuring data quality and integrity. This includes structured and unstructured data. 
  • Descriptive analytics – we employ descriptive analytics to provide a clear snapshot of your current data landscape. This could include summary statistics, data visualization, and dashboards that offer insights into historical trends and current performance, as well as statistical analysis to uncover patterns and trends in your data. 
  • Predictive modelling – using predictive modelling, we can develop algorithms that forecast future outcomes based on historical data. These models enable you to anticipate trends and aid in proactive decision-making and effective resource allocation. 
  • Data visualisation – we create compelling data visualisations and interactive dashboards that make complex data more understandable and accessible, facilitating better communication and decision-making across your organisation. 
  • Actionable recommendations - our repots and insights are not just theoretical; they come with practical recommendations. We work with your team to develop strategies and plans based on the insights we provide
  • Training and capacity building - we offer training programs to empower your team with the skills and knowledge needed to continue leveraging data analytics effectively within your organisation
  • Ongoing support and optimisation - our service includes post-analysis support to ensuire that the insights gained continued to drive decision making and are adapted as your organisation evolves


Guiding Your Data Towards Success with Tūtohi

Guiding Your Data Towards Success with Tūtohi

At Tūtohi, we're all about helping organisations make their data work for them, just like any valuable asset.

Our data strategy development and implementation services help to align an organisation’s data practices with its business strategy, mission, and vision, while ensuring adherence to New Zealand government standards and sector best practices. Our aim is to transform data into a strategic asset that drives efficiency and informed decision-making, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Think of our data strategy development and implementation service are like a friendly GPS for your data journey. 

Our mission? To turn your data into a useful tool that not only boosts efficiency and smart decision-making but also plays by the rules – ensuring you're in perfect harmony with regulations. Let's embark on this data adventure together!

Our service components include: 

  • Strategic alignment – we work closely with your organisation to understand your business strategy, objectives, and challenges. This allows us to develop a data strategy that integrates with your overarching goals. 
  • Data governance framework – we support you to establish robust data governance practices to guarantee data accuracy, privacy, and compliance. This framework includes policies, procedures, and roles to manage data effectively, as well as collaboration with tangata whenua experts to guide your Māori data governance policies. 
  • Data lifecycle management – we develop a comprehensive plan for managing data throughout its lifecycle. This includes strategies for data collection, data retention, data disposal, and data archiving, all while meeting regulatory requirements. 
  • Performance monitoring – we establish continuous monitoring processes to track the progress and performance of your data strategy, identifying areas for improvement, and making data-driven adjustments. 

Crafting the Blueprint for Your Data Success with Tūtohi

Ever wondered how data can be your business's secret weapon? That's where data architecture comes into play – it's like designing the perfect puzzle pieces to fit your big picture.

Our data architecture design and implementation services are tailored to meet the strategic data needs of an organisation, ensuring that underlying data models can provide data-driven insights, agility, and impact.

At Tūtohi, our data architecture design and implementation service is your personal data tailor. We create a customised plan that perfectly suits your organisation's strategic data needs, making sure those data models are like treasure troves of insights, flexibility, and impact. Let's embark on this data design journey together, and watch your business thrive!

Our service components include: 

  • Strategic data modeling – we engage closely with stakeholders across your organisation to develop a comprehensive understanding of your datasets and data requirements. This involves identifying critical data entities, relationships, and attributes necessary to support your strategic goals. 
  • Organisational alignment – we align your data architecture with your business strategy, ensuring that it will effectively support your organisational objectives. Our experts collaborate closely with your stakeholders to understand their data needs and translate those into architectural components. 
  • Data integration strategy – we design a data integration strategy that harmonizes data from disparate sources, enabling a unified view of your organisation's information. This strategy facilitates efficient data flow and reduces data silos. 
  • Scalable architecture – our data architects create a scalable and flexible data architecture that accommodates future growth and evolving data requirements. This includes considerations for cloud-based solutions and technologies to ensure your architecture remains adaptable. 
  • Data security and compliance – we incorporate robust data security measures and compliance protocols into your architecture to protect sensitive information and ensure adherence to relevant regulations and standards. 
  • Documentation and best practices – we provide comprehensive documentation of your data architecture. This includes data dictionaries, schema diagrams, and best practices for data modelling and management, facilitating easy reference and knowledge sharing within your organisation. 

Sculpting Your Data's Masterpiece with Tūtohi

Ever wondered how data can be like a beautiful work of art? That's what we call data modeling – it's like arranging puzzle pieces to create a masterpiece, making sure everything fits together just right. Think of it as the designer's touch for your data world.

At Tūtohi, we're your creative collaborators, and we believe that data modeling is all about making your data work efficiently for you. It's like arranging a symphony, ensuring that your data elements play in harmony to support your organisation's needs. 

Our data modelling service often works together with our data architecture services.
Effective operational data modelling ensures that your data is structured efficiently to
support your organisational needs.

Our service components include: 

  • Data landscape initial assessment – we begin by conducting a thorough review of your data landscape, identifying the data elements, sources, and relationships that need to be structured. This assessment serves as the foundation for our data modelling work. Where Wild Bamboo have been involved in the data architecture design, this step is often unnecessary. 
  • Data element definition – we work closely with your organisation to define and catalogue data elements, including attributes, data types, and their relationships. This step ensures a clear and standardised understanding of your data. 
  • Data entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) – we create comprehensive ERDs that visually represent the relationships between data entities. These diagrams provide a clear overview of how different data elements are interconnected. 
  • Normalisation and denormalisation – as appropriate to your operational needs, we apply normalisation or denormalisation techniques to optimise data storage and retrieval efficiency. 
  • Data flow mapping – we map the flow of data within your organisation, from data source to destination. This includes identifying data transformations, integration points, and dependencies, facilitating efficient data processing. 
  • Operational integration – we ensure that your new data models seamlessly integrate into your operational processes, including data entry, data retrieval, reporting, and analytics, supporting your day-to-day data-related activities. 
  • Training and capacity building – our service includes training and knowledge transfer sessions to empower your team with the skills and understanding needed to work effectively with the structured data. 
  • Continuous maintenance and optimisation – we provide ongoing support to maintain and optimize your data models, ensuring that they evolve in tandem with your changing business requirements.  


Crafting the Foundations of Data Success with Tūtohi

Ever wondered about the backstage magic that makes data science work seamlessly? That's where data engineering takes the spotlight – it's all about turning data into a practical powerhouse, ensuring it's clean, reliable, and ready to tackle any challenge that comes its way.

Our data engineering services empower organisations by optimising their data
infrastructure, ensuring that the data they collect, store, and analyse is fit-for-purpose.
This bridges the gap between raw data and actionable insights, making data accessible,
reliable, and well-structured for data scientists and analysts to work with effectively.

We make sure that the data you collect, store, and analyze is not just data but a valuable asset. 

Our service components include: 

  • Data strategy alignment – we work closely with your organisation to understand your goals and data-related challenges, both strategic and operational. We align our data engineering solutions with your objectives to ensure that data supports your mission. 
  • Data collection and ingestion – we design and implement data collection processes that efficiently gather data from diverse sources, including databases, applications, external APIs, IoT devices, and more. 
  • Data storage design – we determine the most suitable data storage solutions for your needs, whether it's a traditional relational database, NoSQL database, data lake, or cloud-based storage. Our designs prioritize scalability, performance, and data security. 
  • Data transformation and ETL – raw data often requires pre-processing and transformation before analysis. We build data transformation pipelines, perform data cleansing, and create ETL processes to ensure data is correctly structured for downstream analytics and use. 
  • Data integration – we can integrate data from multiple sources to provide a unified and comprehensive dataset for analysis.  
  • Data pipeline automation – we develop and automate data pipelines to streamline the flow of data from source to destination, ensuring that data processes are efficient, timely, and error-free. 

Trusted by the sector

Outside of their work with Recordbase, the Tūtohi team are trusted across the community sector for their data expertise. The Ministry of Health relies on their work with the national PRIMHD dataset to provide official quarterly reporting figures for DHB performance monitoring returns, and the Covid-19 online data platform created by Tūtohi has been endorsed by Platform Trust, Equally Well, Whāriki and Te Pou, among others.

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