Data is powerful.

We believe it can inspire, inform, and educate.

It can create conversations, drive decisions and spark debate.

Tūtohi gives everyone in Aotearoa a platform where data can be shared. We believe that having access to data, understanding it and learning from it, lets all of us ask and answer important questions.

Ask away, Aotearoa!

Why does Tūtohi exist?

Tūtohi is an online data platform intended to improve the translation, dissemination and uptake of health research. We facilitate connections and conversations between the intersecting realms of health research, policy, service delivery and the public.

We will improve outcomes and combat health inequity for tāngata whai ora across Aotearoa by making data accessible to the people who can effect change.

We partner with leading organisations and specialist in each area of interest to ensure our data stories are rigorous, engaging, and will contribute to meaningful change.

Behind the Name

What’s in a name? Everything!

It is the starting point of who you are. It is taonga – a precious treasure.

We selected Tūtohi as our name.

It can mean to point out, to indicate or propose as a verb, and it can mean either data or chart as a noun.

We think it sums up exactly who we are, our purpose and reason for being.

Whaowhia te kete mātauranga.

Fill the basket of knowledge

Who are these stories for?


We are passionate about creating conversations that bring focus to issues facing tāngata whai ora in Aotearoa.

We believe that we all “rise by lifting others.”

Tāngata whai ora means a person (tangata) seeking wellness (whai ora). Although this is also sometimes seen as tangata whaiora, we have taken guidance from Te Reo Hāpai, which indicates that “whaiora” means “with wellness” whereas “whai ora” means “seeking wellness.”

In the context of our data stories, tangata whai ora, and the plural tāngata whai ora, make sense.